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Convention Relating To Registration Of Rights In Respect Of Vessels Under Construction, 1967.

International Convention On Civil Liability For Oil Pollution Damage, 1969.

International Convention Relating To Intervention On The High Seas In Cases Of Oil Pollution Casualties, 1969.

Convention Relating To Civil Liability In The Field Of Maritime Carriage Of Nuclear Material, 1971.

International Convention On The Establishment Of An International Fund For Compensation For Oil Pollution Damage, 1971.

International Convention On The Prevention Of Marine Pollution By Dumping Of Wastes And Other Matter, 1972.

Aso Rock Commonwealth Declaration On Development And Democracy: Partnership For Peace And Prosperity, 2003.

Commonwealth (Latimer House) Principles On The Three Branches Of Government, 2003.

Athens Convention Relating To The Carriage Of Passengers And Their Luggage By Sea, 1974.

Protocol Of 1988 Relating To The International Convention For The Safety Of Life At Sea, 1974

Lusaka Declaration Of The Commonwealth On Racism And Racial Prejudice, 1979.

Convention On Limitation Of Liability For Maritime Claims, 1976.

International Convention On Standards Of Training, Certification And Watchkeeping For Seafarers, 1978.

United Nations Convention On The Carriage Of Goods By Sea (Hamburg Rules), 1978.

United Nations Convention On The Law Of The Sea, 1982.

United Nations Convention On Conditions For Registration Of Ships, 1986.

United Nations (UNCTAD) Minimum Standard For Shipping Agents, 1988.

Convention For The Suppression Of Unlawful Acts Against The Safety Of Maritime Navigation, 1988.

International Convention On Salvage, 1989.

International Convention On Oil Pollution Preparedness, Response And Co-operation, 1990.