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General Convention On The Privileges And Immunities Of The Organization Of African Unity

Convention Governing The Specific Aspects Of Refugee Problems In Africa

Inter-african Convention Establishing An African Technical Co-operation Programme

OAU Convention For The Elimination Of Mercenarism In Africa, 1977

Convention For The Establishment Of The African Centre For Fertilizer Development

Bamako Convention On The Ban Of The Import Into Africa And The Control Of TransBoundary Movement And Management Of Hazardous Wastes Within Africa, 1991.

Protocol To The OAU Convention On The Prevention And Combating Of Terrorism, 2004.

Convention Of The African Energy Commission, 2001

African Convention On The Conservation Of Nature And Natural Resources (1968)

African Union Convention On Preventing And Combating Corruption, 2003.

Oau Convention On The Prevention And Combating Of Terrorism

Convention For The Establishment Of The Lake Victoria Fisheries Organization

Convention On International Civil Aviation (Chicago Convention), 1944.

Nursing Personnel Convention, 1977.

Convention For The Unification Of Certain Rules Of Law Respecting Assistance And Salvage At Sea, 1910.

International Convention On Tonnage Measurement Of Ships, 1969

Convention On Facilitation Of International Maritime Traffic, 1965 (FAL Convention), As Amended Up To 2002.

International Convention On Maritime Search And Rescue, 1979.

Workmen's Compensation (Agriculture) Convention, 1921

International Convention For The Safety Of Life At Sea, 1974.