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Convention On International Civil Aviation (Chicago Convention), 1944.

Nursing Personnel Convention, 1977.

Convention For The Unification Of Certain Rules Of Law Respecting Assistance And Salvage At Sea, 1910.

Amendments To The International Convention For The Prevention Of Pollution Of The Sea By Oil Of 12 May 1954 (London, 21 October 1969)

Malta Declaration On Networking The Commonwealth For Development, 2005.

International Convention On Tonnage Measurement Of Ships, 1969

Convention On Offences And Certain Other Acts Committed On Board Aircraft, 1963.

1987 Montreal Protocol On Substances That Deplete The Ozone Layer, 1987.

Convention On Facilitation Of International Maritime Traffic, 1965 (FAL Convention), As Amended Up To 2002.

International Air Services Transit Agreement, 1944.

International Convention On Maritime Search And Rescue, 1979.

United Nations Convention To Combat Desertification, 1994.

UNESCO Convention Concerning Protection Of The World Cultural Natural Heritage, 1972

Convention For The Suppression Of Unlawful Acts Against The Safety Of Civil Aviation, 1971.

International Air Transport Agreement, 1944.

Workmen's Compensation (Agriculture) Convention, 1921

Treaty On Principles Governing The Activities Of States In The Exploration And Use Of Outer Space, Including The Moon And Other Celestial Bodies (Outer Space Treaty)

International Convention For The Safety Of Life At Sea, 1974.

Warsaw Convention As Amended At The Hague, 1955 And By Protocol No. 4 Of Montreal, 1975.

Intercarrier Agreement On Passenger Liability, 1995.