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Help and How To Guide


This guide is meant to help users who are not familiar with this application to know what to do and get more familiar with this system.

The treaties database hosts Kenya's first consolidated, updated and publicly accesible information on the titles and contents of multilateral and bilateral treaties binding on it.

The functions available for public users of this system include:

For general Users

  • Viewing Treaties
  • Searching for treaties
  • Exporting (Saving) Treaties in various formats

For Logged in users

  • Saving search Parameters 
  • Making Comments on Various Treaties
  • Recieving Updates on the System via Email

It is recommended that you read the Glossary Page for more information on what treaties and terms mean.

How to View Treaties

Treaties Can be viewed simply by clicking on the links to treaties where they appear. The Listing Page gives an alphabetical list of all treaties and is a good starting point if you are not specific.

Treaties can also be viewed by searching and clicking the titles when they appear on search results or any of the listed categories they belong.

How to Search Treaties

There are two ways to perform a search for a treaty:

  1. General Search
  2. Filtered(Parametarized) Search

For general search just type keywords on the search box and submit

For filtered search just select "Advanced Search" where a form is presented to you with various parameters to choose from to refine your search

Exporting Treaties

Information can be exported in word format either 2003 (doc) or Office 2007(docx) format or in PDF. To export documents you must be viewing a treaty and click on the export buttons provided and save the file to your local machine. 

NB: Use of the exported documents is at a risk and NCLR places a disclaimer for this.

Creating Accounts - Registration

Users have the option of creating an account which is free but subject to terms from NCLR. To create an account simply click the link on the Login form fill in details and you will be granted acsess once your account is verified by NCLR. NCLR will reserve the right to block or terminate an account if it finds it necessary to do so without warning or explanation.

Saving Search Parameters

Logged in users will have the option for saving search parameters once they use advanced search option. This will save them the need to not down the various filters they used for later. Saving searches is done by clkicking the "Save Search" button on the advanced search form.

Using Saved Searches

Once a user is logged in they can access their own profile page where they can view a list of their saved searches and click on any of the listed items to go to the search page and view the results.

Profile Management

Users who have accounts can easily update their details from the profile page available from the  buttons that are displayed at the top of the application once logged in.

Contacting the Application Administrators

To drop a message to the admin on a bug or something you noted about the application worth of concern please fill out the contact form on the contact page.