The Judiciary Transformation Framework

Speech by the Hon. Chief Justice during the launch of the Blue Print, “Sustaining Judiciary Transformation Agility in Judicial Service Delivery.”

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All Protocols observed.

Good Morning and Happy New Year!

I wish to thank you all for making time to join us here this morning. It is almost 100 days since I took over as Chief Justice of the Republic of Kenya. I wish to take this opportunity to articulate my mid-term and long-term vision for the Judiciary; and to pronounce my aspirations and agenda for the period that I shall serve as the Chief Justice of the Republic of Kenya.

For those gathered here today, and many others watching and listening in various corners of the Republic, your presence and attention is a comforting testimony on your commitment to walk with us to revolutionalize the Judiciary into a modern and transformative institution.

As many of us know, judicial authority is derived from the people and vests in, and shall be exercised by the courts and tribunals established by or under the Constitution. The Judiciary is therefore accountable to the people and is obligated to serve them diligently.

During my term in office, I shall operate on the basis of these constitutional and democratic truths and even more: that the Judiciary is the defender of us all; both the weak and the mighty; the rich and the poor; as well as the ruler and the ruled. The Judiciary operates on the principle that all authority is subject to, and constrained by, law. It is not the will of an individual, or a group, that is the governing force in society.

In the last five years, the Judiciary has been on an earnest transformation path. Significant and unprecedented achievements have been made in laying  the  foundations  for transformation under the Judiciary Transformation Framework.  In this regard, the Judiciary and the entire country owe a debt of gratitude to my predecessor, Hon. Dr. Willy Mutunga, for his exemplary and bold leadership that put the Judiciary on a permanent track of transformation leaving a rich legacy of change.

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