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Welcome to the Kenya Law Experience

October 2013

Nairobi, Kenya

Kenya Law Logo

Kenya Law – Our new identity, crafted to perfection.

This occasion is a great milestone not just for Kenya Law as an institution but for Kenya as a country. As we commemorate the promulgation of our Constitution, which has become not only a new beacon of light for the rule of law in our beloved country but also a source of inspiration for other countries that are grappling with constitutional reform, we could not stand on any better platform on which to renew our promise of service to the people of Kenya.

Our new brand name and logo is not merely a new coat of paint. Rather, it is the outward representation of an institutional renewal and a transformation that has been inspired by the Constitution of Kenya, 2010; the renewed expectations, hopes and aspirations of Kenyans in this new Republic; the transformation of the Judiciary, which is our parent institution; and the inspiration and commitment of both the Members of the Council and our staff.

We are moving beyond serving the legal research needs of legal professionals to also working towards a legally informed, empowered and participative citizenry; from merely providing access to information to providing information that is understandable and usable by the citizen; from having corporate social responsibility at the fringe of our planning to moving it to the centre of our work processes, services and products (creating shared value); from informing to enlightening and from business models to service models that have a social utility for the Mwananchi.

As the first installment of our commitment to this new promise, we are launching and presenting a revised and consolidated edition of the Laws of Kenya in print, on CD-Rom and online. The edition has been designed for openness, interoperability and accessibility and it is free from unfair copyright restrictions. In the days to come, it will be complemented with plain-language summaries of new legislation, provided in both our wonderful national language – Swahili – and in English.

As we embark on fulfilling the demands of this new promise, we also want to look the part – so we are folding up our sleeves, dispensing with the formalities and presenting ourselves in the persona of a Mwananchi-centred service organization that can be more popularly known by a brief and catchy brand name – Kenya Law – while retaining our legal and statutory name.
Welcome to the Kenya Law experience.

Michael Murungi CEO Kenya Law

Michael M. Murungi

Chief Executive/Editor.

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