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Reclaiming Lost Jurisprudence – Call for Judicial Decisions

By Michael Murungi,
July 2013.

The National Council for Law Reporting is a State Corporation in the Judiciary. It is established under the National Council for Law Reporting Act, Act No. 11 of 1994. Its mandate is to monitor and report on the development of Kenya’s jurisprudence through the publication of the Kenya Law Reports, which are the official compilations of the decisions of the superior courts of Kenya, the revision, consolidation and publication of the Laws of Kenya and such other related publications.

The Kenya Law Reports series was first published in 1906 by the East Africa Protectorate. Later, after Kenya became a republic, the publication of the series was continued by the Government Printer. After the publication of the 1980 edition, there followed a lapse of two decades before the series was revived by the Council. The Council has since published 30 editions of the Kenya Law Reports volumes covering the years 1980-1994 and 2000-2010, a consolidated Index and four specialized editions on the subjects of Land & Environment, Gender & Family, Election Petitions and Gender Based Violence.

Due to previous difficulties in accessing the records of judicial opinions, challenges in the resourcing of the Council and also due to a limitation in the Council’s scope of editorial coverage, a number of judicial opinions that contribute to the advancement of Kenya’s jurisprudence may not have been given reporting consideration.

The Council seeks to review the previous judicial opinions of the superior courts of record with a view to identifying unreported judicial opinions which have made a contribution to the growth and development of jurisprudence; and to report and publish these opinions in a special edition of the Kenya Law Reports. This is therefore to request you to furnish us with copies of previous decisions that may be in your possession or a list of any decisions that you consider should have been given reporting consideration at your earliest convenience.

For further information, contact:

Monica M. Achode

National Council for Law Reporting

Milimani Commercial Courts, Ground Floor

Nairobi, Kenya

Tel: (+254) 020 2712767

We thank you for your continued support.

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