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Kenya Law / Blog / Kenya Law News: The National Council For Law Reporting Unveils its new Brand Identity-Kenya Law, The Kenya Gazette Online Database and a new Website(www.Kenyalaw.Org)

The National Council For Law Reporting Unveils its new Brand Identity-Kenya Law, The Kenya Gazette Online Database and a new Website(www.Kenyalaw.Org)

May 2, 2014

Nairobi, Kenya

The National Council for Law Reporting (Kenya Law) unveiled its new brand name and logo, Kenya Gazette Database and a new website, ( on April 30, 2014. The event was hosted by the Hon. Chief Justice Dr. Willy Mutunga, D. Jur., SC. E.G.H., President  of  the  Supreme Court of Kenya, who is also the Chairman of the National Council For Law Reporting. Also in attendance was the Deputy Chief Justice and Vice President of the Supreme Court of Kenya, Ms Kalpana Rawal, The Chief Registrar Of the Judiciary Ms. Anne Amadi among other senior officials from both the national and county governments, representatives of diplomatic missions and development partners, a cross-section of citizens, judges and magistrates, civil society officials, lawyers and others.

The unveiling of the new brand name KENYA LAW was a culmination of a deeper transformation that the institution has gone through inspired by the new requirements of public service delivery under the new Constitution; the increased awareness and demand for legal information by the citizen and the transformation that has been going on in the Judiciary.

The essence of this transformation is  expressed in a new brand identity – KENYA LAW. This however does not mean that the Council has changed its legal name. It has merely adopted a brand name. While the Institution  and  its  products  will  be  more  popularly  known  by  its  brand  name,  its  legal  and  statutory  name  remains  the  National Council for Law Reporting.

Dr. Willy Mutunga in his speech, noted that Kenya Law has  re-engineered  its systems  and  processes and has  exceed  the  expectations of Kenyans and stakeholders.

The essence of our renewed sense of obligation is captured in our new slogan “Where Legal Information is Public Knowledge”. We have come to an enlightened understanding of our mandate and make a commitment to not merely be a provider of public legal information but the people’s fountain of knowledge and understanding of the law for the promotion of the rule of law and the advancement of a civilized society.”  He said.


The event also saw the launch of the Kenya Gazette online database. It was the first time that Kenya was launching an online official version of the Kenya Gazette, a weekly government publication that contains public and private notices on matters that are required to be notified to the public as a matter of law or policy, such as new legislation, government appointments, revocation of titles to land, registration and dissolution of companies and societies, succession and inheritance notices, etc.

kg screenshot

The design of the Kenya Gazette database and the conversion, data entry and populating of its content has been done using the services of an Impact Sourcing Service Provider, which is a business process outsourcing (BPO) services provider that employs the labor of socio-economically challenged youths (an outsourcing model known as Impact Sourcing), with initial funding provided by the Rockefeller Foundation.This is in line with the government’s initiative to promote access to government contracts by youth, disadvantaged groups and marginalized communities. The Rockefeller Foundation’s Poverty Reduction through Information and Digital Employment (PRIDE) is a development initiative which seeks to harness the potential of the global Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry to improve the lives poor and vulnerable people by employing them as principal workers in BPO centers.

A new website was also launched. The development of a new website – was informed by the hopes and aspirations of the people of Kenya, the letter and spirit of the Constitution of Kenya, 2010; the strategic direction of the Kenya Vision 2030, the Judiciary Transformation Framework, 2012-2016 and the promise and commitment of Kenya Law Staff.

In order to ensure that our users enjoy The Kenya Law Experience, the website has been revamped and optimized in order to guarantee the most enjoyable and at the same time informative browsing experience.


The website is universally accessible and makes legal information accessible to all, especially to persons with disabilities.  In keeping with the Constitution of Kenya 2010, under Article 7, Article 35, Articles 54, and The Persons with Disability Act section 21, Kenya Law is committed to ensuring that its online platform and information are as accessible to all persons with disabilities and to the public.

Our web-pages meet the checkpoints of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0  as issued by the World Wide Web consortium (W3C).

Another salient feature of is the improved Case Law Database.

This service enables users to access the most comprehensive and authoritative collection of Kenyan case law from 1980’s to date via a powerful built-in search module that allows advanced searches. Users can also download, print and share their comments on judicial opinions via social media.


This new website also contains Free-to-view Publications such as the Laws of Kenya database, Kenya Law Case Updates and the Kenya Law Weekly.

Kenya Law has previously been led by Mr. Michael Murungi, Mrs. Gladys B. Shollei, and Mr. Justice (Rtd.) Richard Kuloba, a former judge of the High Court. It is currently under the leadership of Mr. Longet Terer who is the acting Chief Executive Officer.

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