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Court Fees Assessment Schedule

Court Fees Assessment Schedule:

The Court Fees Assessment Schedule provides fees applicable to the lodging and filing of the respective documents in proceedings before the specified courts and tribunals in Kenya. It provides a description of the relevant court documents and corresponding fees as prescribed by the following courts and tribunals, for public information and case management purposes:

  1. The Supreme Court of Kenya.
  2. The Court of Appeal.
  3. The High Court, Civil Cases.
  4. The High Court, Criminal Cases.
  5. The High Court, Family Cases.
  6. The High Court, Commercial and Tax Cases.
  7. The High Court, Admiralty Cases.
  8. The High Court, Judicial Review Cases
  9. The High Court, Constitutional and Human Rights Cases.
  10. The High Court, Anti-Corruption and Economic Crimes Cases.
  11. The Environment and Land Court.
  12. The Employment and Labour Relations Court.
  13. The Magistrates’ Courts, Civil Cases
  14. The Magistrates’ Courts, Family Cases
  15. The Magistrates’ Courts, Criminal Cases
  16. The Magistrates’ Courts, Children Cases
  17. The Magistrates’ Courts, Employment and Labour Relations Cases.
  18. Kadhis’ Courts.
  19. Tribunals
  20. Court Annexed Mediation.
  21. High court and Subordinate courts- Liquidated Claims Schedule

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