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It is impossible to deny that institutions have a legal department. The importance of a legal department in the public sector cannot be overstated.    For this category, the winner had to demonstrate legal and its implementation and effectiveness to the organization/government department, meritorious employee relations, general statutory and legal compliances implemented, strategy and leadership […]

Maritime Delimitation in the Indian Ocean (Somalia v Kenya) The International Court of Justice No. 2021/26 P&ICJJ Donoghue; VP &ICJJ Gevorgian; Tomka, Bennouna, Xue, Sebutinde, Robinson, Iwasawa, Nolte, Abraham, Yusuf, Bhandari, Salam ICJJJ; and Guillaume, ad hoc ICJJ October 12, 2021 International Law – law of the Sea – interpretation of the United Nations Convention […]

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