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Kenya Law / Blog / General: Building Bridges to a United Kenya – From a Nation of blood ties to a Nation of ideals.

Building Bridges to a United Kenya – From a Nation of blood ties to a Nation of ideals.

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The quest to improve governance and to meet the just expectations of the Kenyan people is perpetual. The March 2018 Handshake between H.E. President Uhuru Kenyatta and Rt. Hon. Raila Odinga, as the leader of the opposition coalition, was a moment that crystallised the constitutional imperative to seek peace, security and unity. Two leaders, representing the ruling party and the opposition, shook hands to create an opportunity to unite the country and set in motion a process to identify the comprehensive changes that will strengthen the Rule of Law, unite Kenyans, deepen our constitutionalism, and launch a comprehensive reform process to consolidate this momentous opportunity. This report contains the results of a two-year process in which Kenyans from every walk of life, in every County, across Government entities, and with a wide variety of expertise made their views known through the BBI process.

The Steering Committee has undertaken the daunting task of listening keenly to a multiplicity of voices responding to the BBI Taskforce Report. As per its mandate, the Steering Committee has made recommendations on the implementation of the Report, which are structured in the following thematic areas: Constitutional, legislative, policy and administrative. The Steering Committee urges the reader to continue reading – making use of the detailed annexes – to appreciate the Constitutional, legislative, policy and administrative recommendations.

The report is structured into sections with detailed Annexes at its end.

Section 1 contains the introduction and background to the establishment and work of the Steering Committee.

Section 2 presents the process of collecting and validating proposals and views submitted to the Steering Committee during the validation period. It sets the foundation for the Steering Committee’s Constitutional, policy and administrative reform proposals for a united and prosperous Kenya.

Section 3 presents a summary of the validation outcomes for each of the nine thematic areas.

Section 4 provides a summary of implementation measures whose details are contained in the Annexes.

Annexed to this report are policy doctrines and national policy guides, an administrative action matrix, and the Constitution Amendment Bill distilled from the validation process that the Steering Committee recommends should be implemented to spur Kenya towards unity and shared prosperity. Due to the length of the legislative annex, it will be published separately.


Report of the BBI Steering Committee

BBI Constitution of Kenya (Amendment) Bill, 2020

BBI Steering Committee Legislative Bills



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