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Kenya Law / Blog / General: Charting a Path to Inclusive Governance: Kenya Law-ForumCiv’s Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue in Nakuru County

Charting a Path to Inclusive Governance: Kenya Law-ForumCiv’s Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue in Nakuru County

The role of effective policies in spurring inclusive growth and sustainable development is inevitable; ten years after devolution, Counties have made significant strides towards developing effective policies and legislation. In contribution to strengthening the knowledge and capacity of actors towards effective policy formulation and legislation, ForumCiv convened a  Dialogue Forum that brought together the County Government of Nakuru led by Hon. Roselyne Mungai, the County Executive Committee Member (CECM) of Public Service, Training and Devolution and a delegation from the National Council for Law Reporting (Kenya Law).

Officers from ForumCiv, Kenya Law, and Nakuru County pose for a picture during a consultative meeting aimed at strengthening policy formulation and Legislative Framework in Nakuru County.

The forum was anchored by the Inclusive Growth Programme, co-implemented by the International Labor Organisation (ILO) and ForumCiv[1] and applies the Public-Private Development Partnership (PPDP)  approach. This unique approach seeks to spur inclusive growth through decent work and improving access to rights-based public and social services access by leveraging on the strength of partnerships.

The dialogue was centred on sharing experiences and policy formulation across various sectors, including Water and Sanitation, Gender, Youth, Persons with Disabilities, Citizen Engagement, and the Environment. This forum commenced a comprehensive study whose overarching mission is to fortify the county’s capacity for policy and legislation formulation with a clear vision of fostering replicable, sustainable models for other counties to emulate.


The forum’s outcome culminated in invaluable insights that will serve as the foundation for crafting robust capacity-exchange strategies that will involve an assessment of infrastructural and institutional prerequisites. These components are vital for ensuring the successful and efficient implementation of public policies and legislative frameworks.

Hon. Roselyne Mungai was impressed with an integrated approach in including critical stakeholders.  ‘The County is committed to doing the right thing in policy formulation and legislative development’’ She said.

In summary, this collaborative initiative is a significant step towards enhancing governance, elevating service delivery standards, and promoting inclusivity for stakeholders. It underscores the collective commitment in support of effective frameworks for policy formulation and legislative making, ultimately leading to positive transformation and improved quality of life for the people of Nakuru County.

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