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Kenya Law / 2016 / June

The East African Community Secretariat’s decision not to grant an applicant a special dispensation on interview is not a breach of the principles of social justice Alice Nijimbere v East African Community Secretariat In the East African Court of Justice at Arusha First Instance Division Reference No.7 of 2015 M.K Mugenyi. PJ, I Lenaola.DPJ, F.Ntezilyayo […]

Whether the Secretary General of The East African Community is liable for failing to exercise due diligence in carrying out his obligations under the Treaty For The Establishment of The East African Community East African Law Society v The Secretary General of The East African Community In The East African Court of Justice at Arusha […]

Whether mineworkers and former mineworkers can bring an action for damages as a class, against gold mining companies for negligence as a result of which they were exposed to dust that caused silicosis and TB In the matter between Bongani Nkala & 68 others and Harmony Gold Mining Company Ltd & 31 Others and The […]

The Nairobi Centre for International Arbitration (NCIA) is a dispute resolution service provider established by the Nairobi Centre for International Arbitration Act no 26 of 2013. The primary mandate of NCIA is to administer international commercial arbitration and other forms of dispute resolution processes. NCIA has published the NCIA Arbitration and Mediation Rules, which facilitate […]

Advertisement For The Recruitment Of The Registrar Of The East African Court Of Justice Held To Be In Conformity With The Treaty. Rwenga Etienne & Moses R. Marumbo v Secretary General, East African Community M.K.Mugenyi, PJ; I. Lenaola, DPJ; F.Ntezilyayo J, FA. Jundu J &A. Ngiye J March 23, 2016 Reported by Linda Awuor & […]

A Reference Filed Under The Treaty For The Establishment Of The East African Community Is Not An Action In Tort But One That Challenges The Legality Of An Activity Of A Partner State Or Of Institutions Of The Community. James Alfred Koroso v The Attorney General of the Republic of Kenya & The Principal Secretary, […]

Lack of Separation of Powers in the Process of Appointing Judges Violates the Principles of Rule of Law and Good Governance of the Treaty. M. K. Mugenyi PJ; I. Lenaola DPJ & F. Ntezilyayo Baranzira Raphael & Ntakiyiruta Joseph v Attorney General, Republic of Burundi March 22, 2016 Reported by Linda Awuor & Faith Wanjiku […]

By Erick Odiwuor Kenya Law scooped the 2nd runners up prize during in the 2016 edition of the Annual International Commission of Jurists (ICJ) ‘Uwazi Cup’ tournament held on 14th May 2016 at the  Safaricom Stadium, Kasarani. The Uwazi Cup brings together teams from various stakeholders involved in the administration of justice, including the judiciary, […]

Supreme Court Holds Litigant Liable for Defamation for Comments Made by “Friends” on Her Facebook Post, its Republication therein and through Email. Douglas James Pritchard V Katherine Anne Van Nes (Vaney) Honourable Mr. Justice A. Saunders April 20, 2016 Reported by Linda Awuor & Faith Wanjiku Brief Facts: The Plaintiff was a school teacher and […]

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