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Kenya Law / 2013 / October ( (Page 3))

By Lydia Midecha & Michael Murungi July 2013 Nairobi. The Kenya Gazette – Past and current editions are to be formatted by an Impact Sourcing Service Provider in order to make them easily publishable and accessible on Kenya Law’s website. Kenya Law has signed a contract with Digital Divide Data (DDD), a Business Process Outsourcing […]

iLab Africa Executive Director Joseph Sevilla ( right) demonstrates app funtionalities to Samsung Electronics East Africa Head of Digital Maureen Gitau and Kenya Law CEO Michael Murungi Samsung Electronics East Africa has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Strathmore University and Kenya Law Reports for development of an app that will allow Law Students […]

United States v Windsor, Executioner of the Estate of Spyer et. al 12-307 Supreme Court of the United States Majority holding – Kennedy A. (A.J), Ginsburg R.B (A.J), Breyer S. (A.J), Sotomayor S (A.J), Kagan E. (A.J), Dissenting opinions – Roberts G., (C.J),Scalia A. (A.J), Thomas C (A.J), Alito S. (A.J) June 26, 2013 Reported […]

ICC-CPI-20130618-PR920 The Prosecutor v. William Samoei Ruto and Joshua Arap Sang June 18, 2013 Reported by Monica Achode The charges in the case The Prosecutor v. William Samoei Ruto and Joshua Arap Sang were confirmed on 23 January 2012. Mr Ruto and Mr Sang were prosecuted for charges of crimes against humanity consisting in murder, […]

Agency for International Development et. al. v. Alliance for Open Society International Inc et. al. Roberts G., (C.J), Scalia A. (A.J) Kennedy A. (A.J), Thomas C (A.J), Ginsburg R. B (A.J), Breyer S. (A.J) Alito S. (A.J) Sotomayor S (A.J) Kagan E. (A.J) June 20, 2013 Reported by Monica Achode Issue: Whether the requirement by […]

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