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Kenya Law / 2013

GAZETTE NOTICE NO. 14699 THE COUNCIL OF LEGAL EDUCATION (KENYA SCHOOL OF LAW) REGULATIONS, 2009 PUPILLAGE AND PASSING OF EXAMINATIONS PURSUANT to regulation 13 of the Council of Legal Education (Kenya School of Law) Regulations, it is notified that the following three hundred and ninety-three (393) persons: Download the Full List have complied with the […]

By Nelson K. Tunoi, Esq. Kenya Law prides itself for being at the forefront as the leading and most authoritative source of a broad range of public legal information. These include the publication of both the online and print versions of all judicial opinions from the superior courts of record and national and county legislations […]

Members of the National Council for the Administration of Justice, including: The Hon Attorney General, The Commissioner of the Prisons Service, The Inspector-General of the National Police Service, The Director of Public Prosecutions, The Department of Probation Services, Civil Society Organisations working in the justice sector Members of the Judicial Service Commission, Hon. Deputy Chief […]

Ochiel J Dudley* Abstract As a matter of consensus, the Constitution of Kenya is amongst the most liberal and progressive in the world.1 It has been hailed elsewhere as creating “a new country”, by requiring the Judiciary and broader Kenyan society to transform2. Nevertheless, how much and long, the “living tree”3 of the constitution will […]

October 2013 Nairobi, Kenya This occasion is a great milestone not just for Kenya Law as an institution but for Kenya as a country. As we commemorate the promulgation of our Constitution, which has become not only a new beacon of light for the rule of law in our beloved country but also a source […]

The government has declared Monday 21st October, 2013 a public holiday. The notice, given under section 4 of the Public Holidays Act, Cap 110 appears in today’s issue of the Kenya Gazette.

For the first time in twenty years Kenya Law has revised and consolidated all the Laws of Kenya. Kenya Law has launched a revised, consolidated and updated edition of the Laws of Kenya in print, online and on CD-ROM. The online edition is available free of charge on   Who is Kenya Law? Kenya Law […]

The Hon. Dr. Willy M. Mutunga, D.Jur, S.C., E.G.H. Chief Justice & President, Supreme Court of Kenya Chairman, October 2013 Nairobi, Kenya We are making a bold promise. Understanding our role as the agency through which Kenya’s robust, indigenous, patriotic and progressive jurisprudence will be monitored, reported and also packaged as a product for export […]

A New and Improved Case Law Database By the Law Reporting Department Law Reporting Department The New Case Law Database Kenya Law has launched a new Case Law database that meets the highest standards of database design and quality. Kenya Law recently upgraded its Case Law database that runs on its main website which […]

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