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Kenya Law / 2011 / October

By Christian Bernard Ateka, Advocate October 2011 Nairobi “…entrapment is a complete defence and it does not matter that the evidence against the person is overwhelming or that his guilt was undisputed.   The court must refuse to convict an entrapped person not because his conduct falls outside the proscription of the statute but because even […]

By The Hon. Dr. Willy Mutunga, S.C.Chief Justice of the Republic of KenyaPresident, Supreme Court of Kenya Thank you to everyone and welcome to the Supreme Court of the Republic of Kenya. The Hon. Minister, the Hon. Attorney General, the Chair of the Law Society of Kenya, Senior Counsel, Counsel, litigants, Court Staff and the […]

  PROGRESS REPORT ON THE TRANSFORMATION OF THE JUDICIARY THE FIRST HUNDRED AND TWENTY DAYS 19TH OCTOBER, 2011 By:     Dr. Willy Mutunga, Chief Justice/President Supreme Court of Kenya Fellow country women, men and friends: It is with great pleasure that I submit the Progress Report on the Transformation of the Judiciary in Kenya. The struggle […]

Livingstone Maina Ngare v Republic [2011]eKLR High Court of Kenya at Nairobi, Criminal Revision No. 88 of 2011 The Hon. Mr. Justice Fred A. Ochieng July 28, 2011 By M.M. Murungi The High Court has allowed the taking of evidence in a criminal trial by video conference. In a case in which two witnesses resident […]

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